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Sharing media for ten seconds or less is a surprising twist to the social narrative. Snaps are like moments in a day—brief, yet memorable enough to leave you wanting more. Indeed, the notion has gained so much traction that Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube now include Snapchat’s primary function in their apps.


Snapchat has all the features users could ask for: photo and video sharing, geotagging, and even conference calls. With all these perks, why aren’t more users flocking to the app? Simple. None of these features are new. Snapchat has not made big changes since it came out in 2012. Sure, a filter or sticker can go viral but like a snap, it can only last for so long.

Social media platforms have had pretty standard features over the years: share a status, upload photos, and comment on posts. But then came 2012, when Snapchat was released, and every millennial was swept right off their feet. The multimedia messaging app’s key feature is the instant but temporary media-sharing function. Users can socialize with their friends through photos and videos with only one catch. All media or ‘snaps’ posted on the social app last for ten seconds. For just a brief moment, users can get a glimpse of their friends every day. Talk about playing coy!

The instant the Snapchat app launches, the front cam turns on and invites you to already post a snap. Send a photo or video to your closest friends or broadcast posts through a stream or Snapchat stories. Given that Snapchat has its own cloud storage, feel free to check out snaps from the past anytime. anywhere. as many times as you want. 

Geofilter isn’t the only way to give the squad news of your latest destination. Snap Map is another special feature on the app, sharing your location to your followers through an actual map and letting you pin your friends’ locations. How? Bitmoji. Once on Snap Map, users show up as Bitmoji and can simply pinch and slide fingers across the screen to zoom in and out to see those closest or farthest away. Users can even change location to scroll through other parts of the map.

Groups of friends who use Snapchat as their go-to app can take advantage to slide into other users’ DMs or video call friends. Snapchat allows users to hold a group call with up to sixteen users. To make calls more fun, users can even use app filters and AR lenses while talking to one another. For an app whose fame is built on quick and instantaneous moments, it’s refreshing to connect in a way that’s both lasting and meaningful.


You can download the latest version of Snapchat by going to the download button above. To do this, you need to have your mobile number on hand. Once you have this information, you can go to the download section above and get Snapchat. You can also download any version of the app for a limited time. However, you should only download the version if you are sure it is safe. You can use the app for 30 days to check how it is going.

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